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You don't have to be a Nurse or Doctor to start your own agency.  

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Access to all the material you'll ever need to start and grow your Staffing and Recruitment business

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A Brief Look:

What's inside the TRM Course

$299 Value (Included in the TRM Course)

  • Step-By-Step Guide

  • Sample Contracts

  • Complete Manual

  • CRM System Review

  • ATS System Review

$199 Value (Included in the TRM Course)

  • Digital Appointment Fixer

  • Physical Office Access (Meeting, Interviews, etc.)

  • Recruiter Certification

$349 Value (Included in the TRM Course)

  • Dual Job Board Access

  • Office Support

  • Agreement Letters

  • Instructional Video

  • Customized Contracts

$349 Value (Included in the TRM Course)

  • Staffing Software

  • Technology and Quality Assurance

  • Consultations

$149 Value (Included in the TRM Course)

  • Telephone Extension

  • Personalized Webpage

  • Company Evaluation

  • Smart Contracts Review

  • Blockchain Technology

$499 Value (Included in the TRM Course)

  • Assistance with Payroll, Taxes, and Insurance

  • Accounting Office Support

  • Customized Email Automation