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New Immigrant discovers that in America the streets are paved with recruitment GOLD!

Every now and then we forget what this country has to offer. Anderson came to this country from an economically devastated region. He did not have that much money, did not speak fluently, but what he did have was pure Yankee Doodle get up and go entrepreneurial spirit. His story is motivating and he will never forget that America is a place where anyone can live their dreams and fulfill their destiny if they want it bad enough. Why Independent Recruiting?

The excitement attached to The Recruiters Manual stems from the mere fact that it's designed to help you enter the multibillion dollar staffing industry. Understanding how to operate a full service staffing and recruitment firm gives us the opportunity to share this critically important information. Life is too short to work long hours for somebody else without receiving a secure stepping stone.

Covid and economic crisis around the world has made the recruitment industry more accessible than ever before. Due to growing demand for qualified staff, you can now partner with National Staffing Services. It's time to learn about funding contracts, facilitating network job boards, and subcontracting staff to various industries. Just a few reasons why you should take this opportunity serious.

After receiving the TRM program, you'll be fully equipped with the resources needed to start recruiting independently.

Most importantly, this program will show you how to incorporate blockchain technology. A discussion that is debatable yet unavoidable.

Here's what's included: 1 USB drive complete with over 72 hours of training videos, 1 Recruiters Manual with tailored documentation from industry professionals, 1 binder with all the necessary recruitment documentation you need, and a certification exam study guide. (certification is optional and not required)

Enjoy the life you deserve with a network you deserve!

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