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Welcome! The Recruiters Manual is straight to the point. Each time a placement is made there is an opportunity to collect a service fee. This fee is paid to someone whether you believe it or not. The service fee could be paid to an individual or a company.


We show you how to become the one who receives this fee. The Recruiters Manual is a self paced program that was created to teach individuals how to become an Independent Recruiter. Take a moment to listen to the totally free podcast episodes that explains why its not by chance you are reading this information. 



Learn how to become a highly sought-after Independent Recruiter. As corporations are swiftly changing their hiring process from in house management to outsourcing now may be the moment. An entire industry called contract staffing is exploding under the radar. We’re going to show you the same strategies we've used over the past several years to earn income by helping corporate entities find staff. 

With excitement for you to receive your shipment, we have given you access to course content. Your TRM Course packet will be on the way soon and your tracking number will be sent via email.


We appreciate your continued patience and support and hope you enjoy the start of your order!


Don’t Worry, you can still make placements!


What does this course include?

  • Contracts
  • Access to internal job board
  • Access to full office documentation
  • National Recruiters Certification
  • ATS Software Training (After Certification)
  • CRM Software Training (After Certification)
  • Dedicated Appointment Fixer
  • Online Course
  • Digital Training Manual
  • Office Support
  • Contract Payroll Assistance
  • Customized Facility Account Budgeting

Take a look at this itemized list of materials needed to be proficient:

1) Note Pads

2) Pen/Pencils

3) Computers/Laptops

4) Additional Computer Screens.

5) Printer with multi page scanner feed

6) Internet Access

7) ATS and CRM Software

8) Working Telephone



Your step-by-step guide to becoming an Independent Recruiter
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