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  1. Understand the Importance of Diversity & Inclusion

  2. Stop posting jobs directly next to your competitors

  3. Utilize our resources


Working with National Staffing Services means that you won't need to go through the whole process of recruiting, onboarding, and training new hires. You also get to save on overhead costs associated with in-house staff. 


Yes, the right talent is out there for you.


If you spend all your time looking for it yourself it may take time away from your day to day operation. That’s why staffing and recruitment services are so immensely valuable.


We can slash the costs of your hiring process, all while improving the overall talent levels within your organization. Developing our own groundbreaking tactics and strategies, we make the most of all that you have to offer, putting you in touch with candidates who will thrive working by your side.


The right skills, the right intentions, the right motivations – on time and on budget. It's all possible.


We want to become the number-one source for all your talent needs.


We can provide the most qualified staff through our enhanced screening process. Our recruiting team is on standby!

We provide rapid staff contracts to assist businesses and healthcare facilities. 


Please contact our corporate line at: 1-877-628-7823


We provide solutions for employment

  • Contract-to-Hire  

  • Long-term & Short-term Projects 

  • Direct Placement

  • Corporate Training 

  • Rapid Contracts

Tell us about your hiring needs using the form below. A recruiters will contact you shortly. Call 1-877-628-7823 for rapid inquiries.

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Does your facility need staff? 

From an Instructor standpoint I can honestly stand with this company. The best single source firm for reliable staffing solutions.

DeMario, RN

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