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4 Types of Staffing Placements!

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

Corporations understand that hiring unqualified staff is an expense. This is when the recruiting industry becomes relevant. In order for you to understand the whole process we have to mention the types of placements that are available in the recruitment industry.

Permanent Placements: These are the types of placements that occur often in the recruiting industry. A company receives a candidate from a recruiter or staffing firm and hires the candidate outright. The candidate is employed by the company and the recruiter or staffing firm charges a fee for service.

Short Term/Contractual Placements: When a company chooses to have contract workers the worker is usually not employed by the company. Instead, the worker is contracted to provide a type of service for the company. The staffing firm or recruiter charges a percentage per hour. This process is explained and reviewed during a certification course using The Recruiters Manual as a step-by-step guide.

Contract to Hire: After a contract worker completes the agreed upon service the company can decide to hire the worker as an employee within the company itself. This type of placement is referred to as Contract to Hire. Once the hiring process is completed the staffing firm or recruiter charges a fee for service.

Dual Placements: There are times when companies have "hard to fill" positions. Similar to real estate transactions two recruiters may join together to fill a particular "hard to fill" position. In this case the finders fee is divided according to the contractual agreement in place.

The Recruiters Manual provides a detailed description of the recruitment process and highlights the qualities of a professional recruiter. A good recruiter uses interviews to find out everything that can not be written in a resume or printed on a diploma. This can be challenging but it is also crucial for corporate entities. Employers themselves do not have any contact with the candidates until after this phase.

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